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Rumbamba is our fusion ladies mambo choreography project. Every semester we create something new and beautiful working with different styles and genres. Check out our last projects on our YouTube channel HERE.

Everything about the Rumbamba Ladies Mambo Shines Choreography


Intermediate/Advanced shines team. Suitable for dancers with a solid understanding of mambo timing and techniques.


This choreography will focus on ladies styling, technique for footwork, arms, spins, and body movement. Get ready to explore and embrace your femininity.

When and Where:

Every Saturday starting from the 7th of May till the 25th of September (Excluding 11/06, 02/07, 27/08). 
From 11:30 – 12:30pm at the Dance Mambo Studio, 465 Harris Street, Ultimo.

End Goal:

This choreography will be filmed professionally, then performed at our Red Carpet Gala on the 25th of September, as well as at local events. 


Choreo sessions are priced at $20 per session of 1:00h. Total for 18 weeks of training $360.
Option 1: Full payment – 10% discount will be applied to students paying the full choreo amount upfront. 
Option 2: Instalments – Total payable in 2 instalments of $180 each, one before the beginning of the choreo, one after 9 weeks.

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