Pura Candela


Advanced competitive level, suitable for upper intermediate to advanced salsa on2/mambo dancers. This piece will stretch from February to December.


This piece will be challenging under every aspect, speed, styling, complexity, expect to work on men and ladies shines as well as partnerwork and multiple formation changes. Due to the particular style we will be limiting this piece to 5 couples max.

When and where:

Every Saturday starting from the 16th of February.

11am – 12.30 pm at Connection Studios Sydney in studio 1.


Federico and Paola will be teaching this project.

End goal:

This choreography will be performed at several local, interstate and possibly international events.
The end goal will be to compete at the Brisbane WSS at the end of 2019.


In order to join this project it is required for you to enroll in our class + choreography course for the duration of the project, attendance to at least 2h of classes every week is mandatory.
Further regulations might apply depending on the instructor.


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