Paola Calderon


Director, choreographer, instructor.



What makes you special:

The fact that somehow I can be coordinated while dancing but a total klutz outside the dance floor (especially when I eat, if you are near me watch out for some spaghetti on your hair!! Lol)

I’m also a qualified ballroom and Latin instructor, hence I can lead and follow about 15 different dance styles.

What do you do for the school:

Help with the organisation and management, choreograph and co-lead our teams, teach privates and wedding couples and represent the school performing or teaching at different events around Australia.

Why Dance Mambo:

Because we are a passionate group of people who love sharing their knowledge for dancing while having fun at the same time.

Outside class:

I run my own business making dance costumes at Estela Designs so if I’m not behind my sewing machine, I’m either training on my own dancing, at the gym or spending some quality time with my man and friends.