Our Services: Mambo Classes, Wedding Dances, Events and much more.

Not your traditional dance school

Dancing is how we met, the reason why we joined forces, and it is the glue that keeps us together. However, it is not the only thing we do at Dance Mambo, our services go way beyond that.
Through the years we went from offering specialized salsa and mambo group classes only, to a wider and more comprehensive set of services for dancers.

Our Services

group dance class


Limited number, high retention.

Our syllabus is ever evolving, our methods flexible yet solid and tested. We guarantee high level of detail in each and every session, with focus varying based on the chosen class.
Styles taught include afro-cuban, cha cha, pachanga, salsa on2, mambo as well as cross skill technique classes.


Details that make the difference.

Our typical semester would include 3 to 5 different choreography projects, each one being unique and equally high quality.
Depending on the course it might be shines, partner work, or why not both.
Great things take time, and we want you to achieve and retain as much as possible, rushing is not the recipe for success.

mambo dance choreography
private dance lessons


Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.

Learning has many ways and forms, not every student will react equally to the same tuition method. This is why we have studied how to deliver instructions:

1) Visually
2) With auditory guidance
3) With a logical approach
4) Physically
5) Musically


A moment forever impressed in one's memory.

Why neglecting such an important aspect of your very special day? Choreographing the perfect wedding dance is one job, but teaching it and later executing it in front of an audience is a whole different game.
We will provide you with a free consultation to go through all requirements, and we’ll stay by your side all the way to the end.

wedding dances
dance photography


For dancers, by dancers.

Being dancers ourselves, we visualize your idea and bring it to life. We can help picking the best angles, the right light, and the most flattering poses.
When it comes to dance photography it’s important to not only consider the subject and the location, but also what the intention is.
We approach the camera the same way you’d approach the stage, with passion yet detail and precision.


Bringing joy to the world, one dance at a time.

Twice a year, we bring the house down at Salsoul, our end of semester party entirely dedicated to salsa and all it’s sub-genres.
Even though dancing is our main gig, we also organize lots of team building activities reserved to our students group. Those include our annual beach break, international and interstate trips, bowling, camping and much more.

dance events

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