Melanie Lindaya

Aussie-filo, professor, cat addict!

Melanie Lindaya, or as everyone calls her Mel, has been with Dance Mambo since 2019. Her and Chris are in charge of the progressive mambo shines class and are currently part of the Pura Candela representative team.
Passionate university lecturer, she loves running, cats and a nice glass of red wine.

About Mel


Mel, Malanay, Melania.

Something not many people know:

I was named after a guy but I am not a guy.

Serious stuff, what do you actually do in DM:

I am a DM instructor and fun finder.

Why DM :

I appreciate the fact that everyone at DM has a shared passion for mambo. We have a lot of fun grooving and we never shy away from a challenge.

Outside class:

I work full time as a mathematics lecturer. When I’m not teaching or dancing I enjoy running, watching movies, playing the flamenco guitar, pampering myself and hanging out with my cat.

More from Mel

Here’s some from her performances with her dance partner Chris, as well as some of her cool shots from our recent photoshoots.

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