Maria Anagnostou





What makes you special:

My attention to detail and incredible ability to understand Fed’s accent.

What do you do for the school:

Support for all things dance mambo through involvement in classes, socials and choreographies. I also invest in learning and training (with international artists in particular) to improve depth of knowledge and help bring fresh content to the school.

Why Dance Mambo:

Expect a friendly bunch that like to keep it real on and off the dance floor. We dance for enjoyment, but have a common ethos to want to keep learning so expect to train and practice with intention and purpose.

Outside class:

I’m an APA Sports Physio so if I’m not dancing or exercising, then I’m either treating in clinic, at NSWIS, or backstage at a musical theatre production. I spend the rest of my hours with my amazingly tolerant husband, chilling with friends and always surrounded by good food and wine.