Intro to Mambo Dance Classes

experience the dance mambo method and get results

Why Learn at Dance Mambo?

Our curriculum goes beyond the traditional teaching ways, we have studied how to educate through 5 different learning styles:

  • Visual (spatial) Learner: visual imitation and communication.
  • Aural (auditory) Learner: using music and sounds to transmit information.
  • Verbal (linguistic) Learner: describing movements through words.
  • Physical (kinesthetic) Learner: channeling a feeling through touch and muscle connection.
  • Logical (mathematical) Learner: counts and progressive explanations.

Thanks to this knowledge we have been able to evolve the format of all of our dance classes, reaching through any audience and improving retention dramatically.

What to Expect from each Intro to Mambo Class


90% of the students are under 35 years old

Most of our classes are packed with high energy and characterized by a fast yet detailed pace. Not for the feint hearted.


Limited numbers allow for individual attention.

Each class has multiple instructors rotating throughout, providing feedback and helping students learn in the most efficient way. 


We'll make a dancer out of you, as long as you put in the work.

Learning to Dance Mambo is no joke. We’ll provide the environment, the support structure, and all the tools you’ll need. But it will be up to you to work for it and get the results you deserve.


Dance Mambo is a family, not just a school.

From the moment you join your first class, you are part of an extended family united by dancing. As such you’ll get to meet amazing people, join adventures outside of the dancefloor, and build memories that last a lifetime.

What our students say

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