hanh hua

Hanh Hua

Kiwi-vietnamese, ops manager, food addict!

Hanh Hua, or as everyone calls her Hanh, has been with Dance Mambo since 2019. She is in charge of anything admin related. You’ll often see her smiling at you when you first enter the room… Perhaps sneaking into the kitchen looking for food… Sometimes directly eating dumplings at her desk.
Passionate operations manager, she is a foodie and enjoys spending time with her cat.

About Hanh


Hanh Premium or Hanh Solo.

Something not many people know:

I’m a kiwi, which technically means I have the sexiest accent in the world!

Serious stuff, what do you actually do in DM:

Iโ€™m the admin taking care of all front desk operations as well as backend payment processing. True spreadsheet hero.

Why DM :

I initially started in DM just doing classes because I liked the style. Later down the track our relationship evolved into casual admin support when I injured my shoulder and couldn’t dance anymore. Over a year down the track I’m still smiling behind the desk and working the numbers ๐Ÿ™‚

Outside class:

Eating my way through life, travelling and spending time with my catย ๐Ÿ˜‹

More from Hanh

Aside from admin, Hanh has been dancing in DM for a few years and took part in different choreographies, check it out.

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