Group Salsa Classes

All of our classes are held at Connection Studios Sydney, located on the second floor at 103 Foveaux St, Surry Hills. Just 5 minutes walk from central station; plenty of street parking available around the area. Checkout our timetable to see what the schedule looks like and the term calendar to see when then new term will start.


Beginners 1 salsa on2/mambo courses: 4 weeks courses teaching you the basic salsa steps, how to execute right turns and introduction to the cross body lead. Suitable for people who have never danced salsa before, no dance shoes are needed for this class.

Beginners 2 salsa on2/mambo courses: 4 week courses to add variations to your turns and get comfortable with continuous leading/following. Suitable for people who have danced salsa before and are looking to convert to on2 as well as people who have completed our beginners 1 cycle.

TECHNIQUE CLASSES: add the details

Salsa/Mambo technique: Breakdowns and detailed explanations of techniques to drastically improve your dancing skills. Body movement, floor action, turning, pachanga, chacha and much more.

Technique drills: Continuation of the technique breakdowns, each concept is packed into a shines combination that gets drilled over and over again to music throughout the class in order to boost retention and create muscle memory.


Advanced mambo partnerwork:  This class will be focused on social dance moves, styling and lead/follow technique. Fundamentals of mambo are required to successfully retain advanced concepts.

Advanced mambo shines:  Work on your speed, precision, technique and body movement in this high intensity shines class. Be ready to sweat. Fundamentals of mambo are required to successfully retain advanced concepts.