celine quentrec

Celine Quentrec

french, marketing, pilates!

Celine Quentrec, or as everyone calls her Celine, has been with Dance Mambo since 2019. She is in charge of our marketing strategy as well as running our campaigns through the year.
Passionate dancer, she loves mambo as well as bachata, likes to travel around with her boyfriend and enjoys sipping on a nice red wine.

About Celine


Frenchie, how unoriginal I know but hey I didn’t choose it, people did.

Something not many people know:

I played Mrs Thenardier in a high school production of Les Miserables. Also I can’t cartwheel for my life lol.

Serious stuff, what do you actually do in DM:

Marketing extraordinaire, I am in charge of the advertising and help with the overall strategy to see our wonderful school grow.

Why DM :

The people, the philosophy, the vision. It’s great to be part of a dynamic team with a real passion for what they do.

Outside class:

Bachata is life (sorry…lol), getting people fit with Pilates wizardry, eating everything my boyfriend’s cook.

More from Celine

Here’s some photos of Celine at our recent events.

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